Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, has a 5.000-year-old history. It lies on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula, and on the south-eastern end of Europe.  The country covers an area of 50.948 square miles, of which 7.632 are occupied by its 360 inhabited islands.
Greece has been a member of the European Union since 1979.

The land of Gods and Goddesses, the origin of drama, history and philosophy and the birthplace of democracy.

There is no better place to hold a conference than in the land that held the first conference and no better place to hold an incentive than a land that boasts originality of thought & idea.

Awash with ancient sites and monuments, breathtaking scenery, sun-drenched beaches and clear blue skies, Greece is only a short distance from the UK and easily accessible from other major European cities - a perfect destination for a conference or incentive.

Whether unlocking the mysteries of an ancient civilisation or bathing in the romance of the Aegean, Greece can offer the fulfilment of all your holiday and business expectations.
This, coupled with the hospitality of its people, makes Greece a most alluring and attractive destination.